Identity & Direction


Dayspring has an incredible opportunity to introduce our neighbors to the power of Christian community and decrease the number of spiritually disconnected people in the “Dayspring Diamond”.

In the next 7 years (2023), we will focus on reducing the number of spiritually disconnected people within the “Dayspring Diamond” by 15%, with a special emphasis on introducing young families to a Christ-filled life within Christian community.

We see a day in which every individual in worship at Dayspring would identify one person per quarter, pray for them and invite them into a Christ-filled life within a Christian community (at Dayspring or any other church).

Nearly one out of three households within the “Dayspring Diamond” (South Loop 323-Flint-Bullard-Whitehouse) is completely disconnected from a church home, and 3 out of 5 people attend church once a month or less! While many of our neighbors come from “churched” backgrounds, they no longer identify with or invest in a vital faith-life.

We also see that 70% of the population in the “Dayspring Diamond” is younger than 50 years old, primarily consisting of families with young children (including single/divorced parents) who have never experienced the transforming power of the Body of Christ.

We see a day in which families in the “Dayspring Diamond” are healthier and more stable because of God’s work through us.

Every person deserves the opportunity to be invited and welcomed into the family of God! We believe God uniquely positioned Dayspring to move the needle and make a measurable impact in the lives of spiritually disconnected people that live in our “backyard.”

How are we going to achieve this?

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