Our Beliefs


In essentials unity, In non-essentials liberty, in all things charity.

This quote, often attributed to the father of Methodism (John Wesley) has been an integral part of the beliefs of the United Methodist Church since Wesley’s founding. Within the Christian faith, there are essentials in which we must be united in belief. There are also non-essentials that we may not agree upon until Christ returns. Regarding both, we must have the surrounding conversations in love.

Everywhere we turn today, we can’t help but hear and see intense moral and social opinion, often through the antagonistic megaphone of today’s major news and social media. Much like bumper stickers and roadsigns, these are typically not conversations, and are rarely communicated in love.

As part of Christ’s body, the Church, we are called to approach social and moral issues in a different way. At Dayspring specifically, we believe that this best happens within the context of a personal conversation, in love.

Within the global United Methodist Church, there is much liberty. No two UMC churches look the same, worship the same, or even dress the same. However, you will find that each church is bound to the essential doctrines of our faith, found here at umc.org.